Alpha Capital Advisory provides independent and unparalleled expertise, innovative solutions and a culture committed to one goal – delivering superior results for our clients.

We provide broad range of investment banking advisory services, including i) debt capital markets and funding solutions, ii) corporate finance advisory and mergers & acquisitions, iii) consulting and iv) derivatives and investment advisory. We offer our clients customer-centric approach, unbiased and independent advise, and broad expertise in investment banking, as well as deep experience in local and international (developed and emerging) markets.

Alpha Capital Advisory is committed to playing an active role in the development of capital markets in Georgia, as well as in broader region (including South Caucasus and Uzbekistan).

Alpha Capital Advisory LLC was founded by two seasoned bankers in 2021. The company was incorporated in Tbilisi, Georgia in 2021 and is a licensed brokerage firm by the National Bank of Georgia.

Irakli Elashvili

Levan Tsutsunava

Irakli Elashvili has more than 20 years of working experience covering management consulting in Georgia (general manager and management consultant at PA Consulting Group) and banking & investment banking in United Kingdom (banker at Barclays and BNP Paribas), Georgia (Chief Executive Officer at TBC Capital) and Azerbaijan (Advisor to CEO at Nikoil Bank).

Irakli consulted on World Bank's pension reforms and related investment topics in Georgia and Egypt. The most recent career involved turnaround and sale of FINCA Bank Georgia as Chief Executive Officer in Georgia.

Irakli is a seasoned general manager with high-profile leadership roles that involved business development, turnaround, rapid growth, value creation and strategy elaboration and execution. Irakli also led execution of numerous market-leading capital markets transactions in Georgia, UK, across eastern and western Europe and Azerbaijan.

In 2021, Irakli co-founded Alpha Capital Advisory LLC, a licenced brokerage firm in Georgia and a leading independent investment banking house in Caucasus.

Irakli holds MBA from London Business School.

Levan Tsutsunava

Levan Tsutsunava

Levan has worked in international banking for more than 20 years. He has vast experience in trading, risk management and general management.

Levan started his career within market risk management and has led several teams at both ABN AMRO Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland in various locations (Amsterdam, New York & London).

After a successful career within risk management, Levan joined ING Bank in Amsterdam as a Senior FX Options trader, where he was in charge of Japanese Yen trading book, SME portfolio and complex FX derivatives transactions.

Prior to founding Alpha Capital Advisory, Levan was heading the Treasury and Financial Services department at TBC Bank.

In 2021, Levan co-founded Alpha Capital Advisory LLC, a licenced brokerage firm in Georgia and a leading independent investment banking house in Caucasus.

Our services

Debt Advisory

An independent perspective on arranging financing to further grow our clients organizations and to meet their various corporate needs

  • Local bonds

  • Raising funds from IFIs

  • Eurobonds

Corporate Finance Advisory

An informed and impartial perspective to help our clients reach their goals through design and execution of strategic M&A and corporate finance solutions

  • M&A sell/buy side advisory services

  • LBOs / MBOs

  • Company valuation and fairness opinions


An independent advice on investing, structuring and safeguarding assets.

  • Management Consulting

  • Tailored advisory

  • Credit ratings advisory

New Businesses

Creating innovative solutions to preserve and further grow our clients' wealth.

  • Financial technology / innovation

  • Private equity investments & placement

  • Treasury / Derivatives Advisory

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